About Us

We are a retail agent for a manufacturer of hand-made Decor, Animals, Furniture, Human figures, and collectable art. The Products are mainly produced out of polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass and specialize in life-size and bigger-than-life figurines of all sorts. Our quality of detail, finishing and our designs are surpassed by none. Our Products are Hand-Crafted Treasures, Fashioned by Skilled Artists. Utilizing the Finest Materials Available (Durable Resin Fiberglass, Woods, Metals and Poly-Resins), and then Delicately Hand-Painted to Perfection. Theme Decors like the Egyptian and Roman Artifacts, Christmas Collection and Cherubs and Fairies have unique designs that will enhance the popularity of any Zoo, Theme Park or interior of any Home and Commercial Establishment. We ship our products all over the U.S.A. Our whole collection of products are on our website, we can also send you a CD-ROM by mail.