Order Process



If you are a Zoo, Museum, Park, Amusement Park, Public or Private Business you have a account

1. Email me your inforamtion and the items you want a quote on.

2. I will send you a quote with Freight, Crateing if needed.

3. If you decide to purchase give me a P.O or written order

4. I will ship, Large Dinosaurs and Animals are delivered by me

5. When it arrives and after inspection terms are net 10 days unless I deliver , then a check is desired when delivered.


If you are a indivdual


1. Email me your information

2. I will send a quote with freight and crating if needed

3. If you decide to purchase  send me an approval email

4. I will send you a link to pay by visa or mastercard

5. If its over $5000  I will send my banking for a wire transfer or address for a cashiers check

6. I will then Ship. Large Dinosaurs and Animlas are delivered my me


Full container Loads

1. Email me the items wanted, it must be 30 CBM for a 20' container or 70 CBM for a 40" container  minimum. you can use price order form to figure the CBM, download it, mark the items and send it to me. I will then send the discounted cost back.

2. I require $1500 up front when ordered, $10,000 when its ready to load on the ship, Volume discounts are large so you pay the ocean freight I order freight and invoice you after it arrives. I will come inventory and check for damage when it arrives at your facility.

3.if you not in the USA, I require $10,000 to order, $10,000 before it is loaded oh the ship, when it arrives I will come inventory and inspect for damages, then pick a check up for the balance plus the freight.




  • ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED WITHOUT FREIGHT, Tax will apply if applicable
  • Stock Items will be shipped immediately
  • All items are made to order. Manufactured in the Philippines. some animals have to be is two pieces for ease of shipping and to reduce breakage,
  • Manufacturing timing is usually 6 to 8 weeks from my order date, then 4 to 5 weeks to get to Ft. Worth Texas.
  • Crating charge for all items requiring special wood crating for freighting. Crate cost varies based on the size of the Animal.
  • Some items can go USPS or UPS. Some require special packaging charge
  • Larger items need to hauled on flat bed trailer, shipping is quoted per animal
  • Full container orders can be shipped directly to you. 20’ container or 40’ container. full container loads shipped directly to you has a large discount advantage


Karl Walker

6308 Garwin Dr.

Fort Worth, Texas  76132-5054


 Mobile  817-703-1619

Fax  817-585-5821