Cannon From Spanish warship Seville ( 110109 )


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$1 700.00



Finish : Greenish Bronze
Net Wt. (kg) : 83.7
Gross Wt. (kg) : 85.96
CBM : 0.9503
Figure (LxWxH, in) : 139 x 27.75 x 20.5
Pack (LxWxH, in) : 139.5 x 28.25 x 21.5

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A precious relic of Filipino-Spanish-American War.

This Cannon Barrel had been cast in Peru in 1778 and mounted aboard the Spanish Warship “Seville”.  In 1898, it was captured by Filipino revolutionary forces from the Spaniards.  In 1899 it was taken to Sapang Bato Village and used to Bombard American forces attacking from Angeles. It was later buried by Filipino “Insurrecto” guerillas to prevent its capture by the Americans. In 1951, excavation work in Sapang Bato uncovered this piece of ordinance.